U-Convert is an easy to use online tool that can convert text to lower case or upper case, replace all occupancies of a string with another string, strip extra spaces, sort text, strip HTML code, convert HTML page into CSV-formatted data, rearrange data in a CSV spreadsheet, and do many other things you never imagined you could do with the text :)
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Paste or type text into this window:

How It Works

  • Paste your text document into the text area (top text area if you already converted some text).
  • Select one or more text conversion methods in the left pane. All actions will be executed in the same order as they appear in the pane. For example, if you selected "To LowerCase" and "Sort text" then the text will be converted to lower case and then sorted.
  • Click on the "Convert" button located at the bottom of the left pane. The page will open a second text area, containing converted text.
  • If you want to apply other actions to already converted text, you can copy the text into the top text area by clicking on the "Copy to top window" button, then select desired conversion method(s) and then click on the "Convert" button.

Explanation of conversion methods

To LowerCase

This action changes the case of text in the source area to lower case.
"Smart" capitalization option changes all text to lower case, except for the first letters of the first words after ".", "," and "!" characters. These letters are converted to upper case.
Capitalize every word option changes the case of all text to lower case while converting the first character of each word into upper case.

To UpperCase

This action changes the case of all text in the source area to upper case.

Replace text

Replace text method replaces all occurrences of the first text string (search string) with the second text string (replacement string). If replacement string is blank then the method deletes all occurrences of the search string in the source document. By default, the "Replace text" method is not case sensitive. For example, replacing "left" string will replace all occurrences of "Left", "LEFT, and "left" in the document. You can make replacement case-sensitive by turning on the "Case sensitive" option.
Case sensitive option makes replacement case-sensitive. As an example, if you're replacing the string "Left" and you select "Case Sensitive" option, then all occurrences of the "Left" string in the source document will be replaced, but all "left" and "LEFT" strings will stay unchanged.
Regular expressions option allows the usage of regular expressions in search and replacement strings. The replacement method uses javascript-style regular expressions (very similar to perl and PHP). If any provided regular expression contains an error then it will be reported back to you. For more information about javascript regular expressions search on the net or buy a book :). An example: if you have a text with missing spaces after commas, like this - "apples,oranges, pears,bananas", you can add spaces after commas by setting search string to ",(\S)" (find comma which is not followed by a space), and replacement string to ", $1" (replace it with a comma, then a space, and then the character that followed the comma).

Sort text

Sort text method sorts all lines in the source document in alphabetical order, i.e. from A to Z. Sort method is case-sensitive, that is lines starting with lower-case letters are always placed after lines starting with upper case letters.
Reverse sort option reverses the sort order. Like the sort method, the reverse sort is case-sensitive too.

Strip HTML

Strip HTML code - strips all HTML code, identified as <any text>, from the source document. This method also replaces some HTML entities, like &nbsp; or &lt;, to characters. Many HTML entities, like &middot; or &copy;, are not replaced to characters.
Convert tables to CSV option converts data in HTML tables into a list of comma-separated values (CSV). Each table row from the source document is converted into a separate line. Data from different columns from the same table row is placed on one line, and separated from each other by commas. The quality of conversion to CSV format highly depends on the complexity and validity of the original HTML document. Data in nested tables may not be converted well, and errors in HTML code may result in some data missing or split into multiple lines rather than columns.

Remove spaces

Remove spaces method removes extra spaces from the text. "Spaces" are all characters that look like a blank space, i.e. a space character, a tab character, a CR character, etc. For more information please see description of "Heading spaces", "Trailing spaces" and "Compact spaces" options. If none of these options are selected then "Remove spaces" method does nothing.
Heading spaces option tells the "Remove spaces" method to remove all spaces at the beginning of each line in the source document.
Trailing spaces option tells the "Remove spaces" method to remove all spaces at the end of each line in the source document.
Compact spaces options replaces all occurrences of two or more spaces with one space character.

Remove lines

Remove lines method removes lines from the source document. For more information please see description of "Remove duplicate" and "Remove blank" options. If these options are not selected then the "Remove lines" method does nothing.
Remove duplicate option removes duplicate lines from the source document. This option is case-sensitive, and treats lines like "Line 1" and "LINE 1" as different lines.
Remove blank option removes all blank lines (lines without any text) and all lines containing only spaces.
(c) Copyright 2008 Gennadiy Shvets